The Trio meets John Scofield (audio commentary)

I enjoyed recording the audio commentary to my latest record “Ascent” so much that I made the plan to do this for each one of my albums. This time I’m talking about my record “The Trio Meets John Scofield” which was released on Pirouet Records back in 2014. It features my trio buddies Robert Landfermann & Jonas Burgwinkel + our hero John Scofield and it was recorded live at the Philharmonic Hall in Köln.

When we got offered to play a concert featuring a special guest, Sco was at the top of our list and to our surprise he accepted to play with us! After 2 days of hanging and rehearsing we went on stage with our hero, in a packed Philharmonic Hall in our home town — a night I’ll never forget! We initially recorded it just for our own remembrance, but in the following weeks, Sco and me kept getting back to it and finally decided to put it out.

It was nice to revisit this experience and share my memories and feelings about the music. I hope you enjoy it, too.