Glow (audio commentary)

My third album GLOW was my first time leading a bigger ensemble with my longstanding trio at its core. Recorded in 2010, it featured multiple harmonic instruments (Kathrin Pechlof on harp & Hubert Nuss on harmonium & celesta and me on piano), multiple basses (Robert Landfermann, Henning Sieverts & Dietmar Fuhr) and multiple horns (Niels Klein & Sebastian Gille on woodwinds and Menzel Mutzke on trumpet & flügelhorn) and Jonas Burgwinkel on drums .

For these musicians I wrote little sketches to be explored freely by their creative minds. Collectively we came up with stuff that I could have never imagined on my own. Another lesson in the power of the communal spirit.

Playing and recording with this group of people was an important stage of my development. I’m happy to share some memories of the process with you. Enjoy!