Marilyn Crispell is a master improviser, a musician of the highest order. To me she embodies focus, presence and selflessness. And I just love the way she plays the piano! Here are some of my favorite records of Marilyn’s:

We talk about her ability to focus, the communal spirit of group interaction, leaving space, teaching, Annette Peacock’s music, working with Paul Motian & Gary Peacock, composition and so much more. Enjoy!

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The first time I became aware of Marc Copland was when a good friend of mine showed me the album “Softly…”. I was immediately drawn to Marc’s personal approach to harmony and his ability to tell a story on the piano. To this day this album remains one of my favorites of his. Discovering Marc’s music really matched with some of my other interests during that time, i.e. the music of Bill Carrothers, Bill Stewart, Hubert Nuss – all these guys share a deep sensibility for colors in the music.

A few years after that I wound up on the same label as Marc: Pirouet Records. Pirouet’s artistic director Jason Seizer was the one that put us in touch when he brought Marc to a gig of mine. I still remember the stories Marc told me that evening as they have been incredibly helpful to me.

As you will see in this conversation, Marc is really great at telling stories and he’s ready to share, inspire and hip you to things.


“This guy will change your life!” That’s how Larry Goldings hipped me to Chris Weisman. Well, Larry was right.

Chris has such a vast output… eclectic, yet always unique. A singular songsmith of the highest order – nobody does what he does.
At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music he has out. But that changed after I found the right entry point. For me, it was his album “Play Sharp To Me”.

Soon I couldn’t stop checking more of his albums, deeply immersing myself in his catalogue. I got so inspired that I wrote a song for him. In the credits to each of Chris’ albums on bandcamp it says “Write me”. So I did and send him my song. This was how his reply started:

This is SO SURREAL. I became very into your podcast literally in the last two days.

We started having long email conversations, hipping each other to various things. Naturally I felt the urge to get him on the podcast. Having read that he didn’t really do interviews I was hesitant to ask. But he was already sharing all this interesting stuff about his process, and somehow I felt we were already in it… Finally I asked him and he said he would be happy to do it!

For the next stage of preparation, Chris sent me ALL of his albums plus early demos. I usually know a lot of the music of the guys that I’m interviewing… but this never happened before! So when the actual day of the interview came I felt so weismaned-up … And what a great experience it was to connect with Chris. I think of this conversation as a celebration of his music and a gateway into his creative mind.

Supported by NICA artist development, a program funded by AK_Kultur und Wissenschaft_Farbig_CMYK_englisch