SALOMEA is one of the most exciting bands that has emerged from Cologne scene in the last years. Singer & founder Rebekka Salomea Ziegler and her trusty comrades Yannis Anft (keys), Oliver Lutz (bass) & Leif Berger (drums) are good friends of mine and I’ve been following their music and their individual projects with great interest and admiration. For example, dig the following things:

Of Cabbages and Kings – an amazing vocal group that Rebekka is a part of

Leif Berger’s “Solo Mixtape” – one of my favorite releases from 2018

Yannis Anft’s soundcloud page which showcases his magic on the piano and synths

RE:Calamari – Oliver Lutz’ new exciting band that I’m lucky to play with

SALOMEA released their eponymous debut-record on KLAENGrecords in 2018 and now they’re busy producing a much-awaited second album. I’m thankful I could get a glimpse into their process and share it with you*. Enjoy!


* My friend Samuel Gawlowski contributed the english subtitles for this interview!

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